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Port Interpretive Centre

Located on the ground floor of Atlin Terminal below Port Authority offices, the Port Interpretive Centre tells the story of the Port of Prince Rupert. This is a story that stretches from 10,000 years ago -- when the area acted as a trading hub for the Tsimshian First Nation -- to the present, with the rapid growth of the port's commerce in containers, coal, and grain. The Port Interpretive Centre teaches not only where we come from, but where we are going.

The idea for creating an interpretive centre was born out of public curiosity and local interest in the operations of the Port of Prince Rupert and the role of the Prince Rupert Port Authority in those operations. "We want to go to the community as well as the community to come to us and understand really what's going on," said Maynard Angus, Manager of Community Relations for the Prince Rupert Port Authority. "When people walk through the doors they will be able to read, hear and watch interactive exhibits that explain the history, the terminals, the product and the people. They'll understand what a lump of coal feels like, what's inside a container, where these products are moving between Asian markets and North America, and ultimately where Prince Rupert fits into the supply chain."

Exhibits within the Port Interpretive Centre begin with the history of First Nations culture and trade in the region, Charles Hays' vision and the development of the city, the significance of World War II to the port, and why the port's potential earlier wasn't realized sooner. Visitors will also find large visual displays that identify different products and vehicles moving through Prince Rupert and the facilities that move them, the economic impacts of operations and our competitive trade route, and the people and partners who make it all possible. In addition to educating people in Prince Rupert about what's happening in their own backyard, the Port Interpretive Centre will be a valuable tourism asset for showing visitors one of the economic drivers of the region.

"I'm looking forward to help educate the public about all the elements of the Port of Prince Rupert and how they work together to benefit the community," said Adam Griffith-Zahner, a University of Halifax student and who will be working as a tour guide in the Interpretive Centre this summer. "What we're most excited about right now is hosting elementary school classrooms next month, and being able to show local kids the opportunities that exist for them in Prince Rupert."

For more information about the Port Interpretive Centre -- or to schedule a tour this summer -- please contact Maynard Angus at 250-627-2521 or by email at


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