Prince Rupert Port Authority

Discover the full range of state-of-the-art facilities to serve you at the Port of Prince Rupert. Five world-class terminals, ranging from container to cruise, make the Port of Prince Rupert ready to handle any challenge. Additionally, a number of marine properties are available for development. The natural, deepwater harbour easily accommodates the largest of vessels. Fast, efficient turnarounds save you both time and money. More than 400 hectares of available, industrially-zoned land offer unique construction opportunities for heavy industry.

Fairview Container Terminal

The 24 hectare (59 acre) facility is the first dedicated intermodal (ship to rail) container terminal in North America with the operational capacity to move 750,000 TEUs (Twenty foot Equivalent Units) per year. The 22 meter (72 feet) wharf extension provides a berth depth of 18.7 meters (61.4 feet), enabling the terminal to easily accommodate container ships in excess of 12,500 TEUs. Container ship cargo is offloaded by Maher Terminals using three 1,800 tonne super post panamax cranes with a reach of 22 containers. The container yard can hold 9,000 TEUs and has outlets for refrigerated containers. Upon completion of Phase 2, the container terminal will have a two million TEU capacity, making it the second largest handling facility on the West Coast.

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Northland Cruise Terminal

The Northland Cruise Terminal, with a berth of 330 metres, was constructed in 2004. The terminal has a unique self-adjusting ramp that maintains a gentle incline, regardless of tide levels, for ease of use by all cruise passengers. The terminal has seen a steady growth since it began operations, from 60,000 passengers in 2004 to 100,000 passengers and 60 large cruise ship calls in 2007. The Northland Terminal is located in scenic Cow Bay, close to the downtown core and in close proximity to all amenities for the convenience of passengers. The terminal plaza also serves as the gathering point for passengers participating in the many shore excursions offered through the cruise program, ranging from bus, boat and seaplane sightseeing tours to saltwater fishing, kayaking and native cultural experiences.

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Ridley Terminals Inc.

Ridley Terminals Inc., a federal crown corporation, owns and operates the most advanced coal unload and loading terminal, making it a world leader in the efficient and reliable movement of coal from unit trains onto ships. It loads metallurgical and thermal coal, petroleum coke, wood pellets, and has the potential to ship other products such as sulfur. As a fully automated facility, the 55 hectare terminal loads at a rate of 9,000 tonnes per hour. Favoured for its low-cost operating ability, RTI's coal port has an annual shipping capacity of 12 million tonnes -- currently growing to 24 million tonnes -- and storage capacity of 1.2 million tonnes. This highly efficient facility features technology that protects the environment, making it the most advanced of its kind.

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Atlin Cruise Terminal

The Atlin Cruise Terminal, in the heart of the Cow Bay tourist district, provides the berthing facilities for the many explorer-class cruise ships and large yachts that call on Prince Rupert each year. The terminal also houses the Port Interpretive Centre (opening in 2012), a souvenir shop, and one of Prince Rupert's premier art galleries.

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Prince Rupert Grain

With capacity to ship in excess of seven million tonnes a year, Prince Rupert Grain's modern terminal has the highest throughput of any grain-cleaning elevator in Canada. Its eight shipping bins and three tower-mounted loading spouts can load up to 4,000 tonnes of wheat or barley an hour. Using state-of-the-art technology, grain can be cleaned as fast as it is unloaded from rail cars.

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