Prince Rupert Port Authority
Atlin Terminal

The centre for tourism in the historic Cow Bay area, the facilities include a gift shop, art gallery, and retail and office space. The building also houses the Port Interpretive Centre, due to open in 2012. The terminal sports floating docks to handle the small explorer-class ships, an increasingly important part of the coastal cruise trade, and large private yachts, the terminal is conveniently located next to the Prince Rupert Rowing and Yacht Club. Transiting vessels tie directly to the floats while larger vessels may tie to the bollards on the dock itself.

Formerly the Atlin Fish Plant, the conversion of Atlin Terminal into a trendy community centrepiece marks the beginning of the area's transition from industry to tourism. Fishing boats once lined the waterfront, with Cow Bay businesses catering to ships and processing plants in the area. Though many of the old processing plants are gone, the area retains its authentic feel. The unique combination of commercial, residential, recreational, and industrial development enriches the character of Cow Bay, providing visitors with the experience of a vibrant community in a scenic environment.

Atlin Terminal houses a market area, retail space and public washrooms, with office space on the upper floor. Atlin Terminal is within easy walking distance of the Museum of Northern British Columbia and the historic downtown area.

The development of the area into a year-round attraction draws visitors from the entire Northwest, creating a hub of activity for locals and visitors alike. With its excellent harbour vantage and upgraded docks, the Atlin development has become a popular public gathering place. This volume will likely increase dramatically with growth in the area, providing a strong traffic base for commercial and retail development.

Atlin Terminal Specifications

  • Length: 100 metres
  • Depth: 5 metres minimum
  • Max GRT: 7500 tonnes
  • Water: 1.5" water supply line 60 psi30, 30amp
  • Power: 1 tonne hydraulic lift
  • Provisioning: 20 metre (65.6 ft)
  • Access: aluminum wheelchair accessible walkway with electronic key access
  • Waste: services maintained at this site

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