Prince Rupert Port Authority
Ridley Terminals

Ridley Terminals Inc: Most Advanced of Its Kind
Ridley Terminals Inc., a federal crown corporation, owns and operates the most advanced coal unload and loading terminal, making it a world leader in the efficient and reliable movement of coal from unit trains onto ships. It loads metallurgical and thermal coal, petroleum coke, wood pellets, and has the potential to ship other products such as sulfur. As a fully automated facility, the 55 hectare terminal loads at a rate of 9,000 tonnes per hour. Favoured for its low-cost operating ability, RTI's coal port has an annual shipping capacity of 12 million tonnes and storage capacity of 1.2 million tonnes. This highly efficient facility features technology that protects the environment, making it the most advanced of its kind.


  • annual shipping capacity of 12 million tonnes
  • onsite storage for 1.2 million tonnes
  • tandem rotary dumper tips 65 cars per hour without uncoupling, equal to an unloading rate of 6,000 tonness per hour.
  • ships load up to 9,000 tonnes per hour
  • docks ships of 250,000 DWT tonnes
  • berthing dolphins of 150 meters.
  • mooring dolphins of 370 meters.
  • moors vessels of 325 meters LOA. 50-meters beam. 22-meters draft. 250,000 dwt.
  • two quadrant slewing shiploaders with a loading rate capacity of 4,500 TPH each. Able to load vessels to a maximum height of 34 meters above LLW. Outreach of 43 meters. Overall hatch length of vessel should not exceed 240 meters.

Environmental Protection

  • water-dampened coal storage to minimize coal dust
  • closed loop drainage for complete recovery of coal fines
  • complete railcar washing immediately after unloading
  • vacuum and filtration system for total coal recovery
  • Strategic Location
  • deep water, ice-free port ensures year-round operations
  • direct access to North Pacific shipping lanes
  • closer to Asian markets by 35 hours sailing time
  • serviced by Canadian National (CN) Railway to Western Canadian mines

Vast Reserves

  • export point for vast reserves of Western Canadian metallurgical and thermal coal
  • capacity to handle increased shipments from other mines


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