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Starting December 10th 2012, the Prince Rupert Port Authority assigned anchorages will reflect new number designations and some new anchorage positions that will be trialed over the next 12 months.

These changes reflect an Anchorage Review completed recently and the anticipated need for more anchorages as marine traffic increases in the Prince Rupert area. The Pacific Pilotage Authority, the BC Coastal Pilots and the Chamber of Shipping have all participated in the Anchorage Review and have agreed to trial the new anchorage positions over the next 12 months. Canadian Hydrographic Services Pacific has also been made aware of this trial and will be publishing a Notice to Mariners accordingly.

In due course and upon successful completion of this trial, the Prince Rupert Port Authority��s Practices and Procedures will be updated with the new anchorage positions and made available for public comment in accordance with the Marine Act. In the meantime, a table listing the new trial anchorage positions and chartlets illustrating the positions will be provided on our website here:

The chartlets are not intended for navigation purposes.

Highlights of the trial include:

  1. Increased overall number of anchorages available from 19 to a potential of 30 (see chartlets which illustrate the positions and numbers of the new anchorages)
  2. Elimination of old Anchorage A to accommodate Fairview expansion and provide more sea-room for the turning basin for container ships
  3. Shifting of the inner harbour anchorages and re-sizing inner anchorages to accommodate grain, log, and other smaller ships
  4. Re-numbering anchorages from 2 to 30 starting at Tuck Inlet and increasing seaward while reserving anchorage #1 for future consideration
  5. PRPA will be eliminated the old anchorages 2, 3 and 4 in Marcus Passage as they presented increased risk to fouling an underwater cable when dragging


These notices contain guidance and advisory information only. For legal text and further detail users should refer to the Prince Rupert Port Authority's Operations Regulations, and the Practices and Procedures.

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Information regarding the Port of Prince Rupert may be obtained at the following address.

Prince Rupert Port Authority
200-215 Cow Bay Road
Prince Rupert, B.C.
Canada V8J 1A2
Telephone: 1-250-627-8899
Fax: 1-250-627-8980


Dangerous Goods Permit

"Dangerous goods" includes dangerous goods as defined in the Port Authorities Operations Regulations and Practices and Procedures for Prince Rupert Harbour. » Download Dangerous Goods Permit

Diving Permit

NOTE: this form need not be used for recreational diving of a party of less than 10 persons conducted at least 1000m from the nearest dock, shore structure, or narrow channel.

The Port Authorities Operations Regulations authorize the Port of Prince Rupert to restrict and control diving operations within the port to ensure the safety of all divers and to prevent diving operations from interfering with terminal operations or the free passage of nautical traffic.

All Diving may only commence when this "Diving Permit" is completed in its entirety and delivered to the Marine Communications and Traffic Centre (MCTS fax 1-250-624-9075) and the Harbour Master's Office (fax 1-250-627-8980). All portions of the Permit must be completed and each question on the attached sheet must be answered in the affirmative. » Download Diving Permit

Hot Work Permit

All Hot Work may only commence when this 'Welding and Hot Work Permit' is completed in its entirety and faxed to the Harbour Master's Office at 1-250-627-8980. » Download Hot Work Permit


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