Prince Rupert Port Authority
Environmental Stewardship

At the Prince Rupert Port Authority, we're serious about environmental stewardship.

In all of its activities, the Port Authority is guided by key principles of environmental sustainability, including pollution prevention, preservation of environmental integrity, efficient use of resources, and continuous improvement.

This means complying with all applicable legislation, regulations, standards and internal policies, practices and procedures. Wherever technically and economically feasible, environmental best management practices will be integrated into operations and facilities.

Environmental conditions in the Port are documented and monitored on an ongoing basis, which enables the identification and assessment of environmental impacts arising from Port development and operations. The Port Authority is committed to take action to mitigate adverse environmental impacts arising from development and operations, and to build considerations of environmental sustainbility into planning, decision-making, and management processes.

The Prince Rupert Port Authority collaborates with other Port stakeholders. This includes working with Port tenants and users to promote their compliance with the established policies, practices, procedures, and guidelines.

Green Marine -- the first west coast port member of the "Green Marine" Environmental Stewardship program.

Shore Power -- allows container ships to power down diesel engines and connect with clean electricity on shore.

Port Carbon Assessment -- an independent third party found that the Port of Prince Rupert has the lowest carbon footprint of five North American west coast gateways.


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