Prince Rupert Port Authority
Growing Trade and the Economy

With expanding trade capacity, the Port of Prince Rupert is creating quality jobs and economic opportunities in Prince Rupert and neighbouring communities along the Northwest Transportation Corridor in northern BC.

And by improving our connectivity with Asian markets, the Port enables economic activity well beyond Prince Rupert and the surrounding region. Whether we're exporting metallurgical coal from northeast BC or lumber and pulp products from the Interior, wheat and canola from Alberta or potash from Saskatchewan, the Port facilitates new investment and jobs throughout Western Canada.

Economic Impact -- the Port creates quality jobs and new economic opportunities at the local level while supporting a strong provincial and national economy.

Development Potential -- the port authority takes an entrepreneurial approach to business development.

Competitive Advantages -- Prince Rupert offers a unique combination of strategic advantages that give it a powerful edge as a trade hub with Asia.

Performance Statistics -- detailed monthly statistics of the Port's operations (since July 2009) are available in PDF format on the first of every month.

Quick facts:

  • The Port supports 3,060 jobs
  • Provides more than $200 million in annual wages to BC Families
  • Contributes more than $80 million in taxes to government for public services


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Enabling Canadian trade and job creation