Prince Rupert Port Authority
Competitive Advantages

The Port of Prince Rupert enjoys significant competitive advantages over other west coast ports.

Shortest Trade Route Between North America and Asia's fast growing economies.
The Port of Prince Rupert is North America's closest port to key Asian markets by up to three days - it's 36 hours closer to Shanghai than Vancouver and over 68 hours closer than Los Angeles.

Our strategic location and growing trade capacity gives shippers a powerful competitive edge in the global economy.

One of the deepest natural harbours in North America
The Port of Prince Rupert has one of the deepest natural harbours in the world and the deepest inner harbour entrance of any of our competitors. With a channel depth of 35 metres and terminal berths of 17 metres, the Port is capable of handling the largest vessels deployed in transpacific trade.

One of the safest, most efficient ports in North America with easy access to international shipping lanes
Based on a number of marine risk factors, including wind, depth, and channel width, the Port of Prince Rupert is arguably the safest port on the West Coast of North America.

The sheltered, ice-free harbour at the Port provides unobstructed entry to shipping lanes in the Pacific Ocean -- there are no significant navigational hazards or narrow channels to navigate. The pilot station is only two hours from the terminals.

Modern, state-of-the-art facilities
Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, the Port's modern, high-throughput bulk and container terminals provide shippers with a distinct competitive advantage in their supply chain management. All of the terminals at the Port have the capacity to increase volumes or expand their operations.

Our terminals connect directly into the Northwest Transportation Corridor, a modern rail and road network engineered and built to carry massive volumes. The CN rail line gives shippers immediate access and reach into North America. CN has significant capacity to expand and accommodate large increases in cargo traffic.

Fast, efficient and uncongested rail access
The Port is a terminus station of CN Rail, a major Class 1 North American carrier. CN is the only railway to serve ports on the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf Coasts which means greater efficiencies for shippers, importers and exporters.

Free of urban congestion, the rail line travels along the Northwest Transportation Corridor through the most moderate rail grade in the Canadian Rockies and on to North America's heartland through Chicago before arriving in New Orleans on the Gulf of Mexico.

Significant capacity for growth through greenfield development
The Prince Rupert Port Authority has some of the most desirable industrial development property on tidewater in North America, unobstructed by urban development and ranging from light to heavy industrial. There are more than 400 hectares of prime industrial land ready for development at the Port for container, bulk and other cargo-related facilities.


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